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Downtown Santa Monica's amazing weather and
abundant retail outlets, entertainment venues and natural
resources make it a pleasure for walkers year round.


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Santa Monica is about as bike friendly as it gets, with flat streets and
convenient bike paths. Chelsea Santa Monica encourages residents to use their bikes
by providing bike storage and an on-site bike kitchen.


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Bike Resources

It goes on forever. Beach on one side. Shops and attractions on the other. If you like to bike and enjoy nature, go visit the bike path. There are rentals where you can rent bikes solo, tandem, you name it. And the view of the ocean is amazing, don't forget your camera!

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Public Transit

Whether you just need to go a few blocks, work in Downtown LA or want
to visit The Valley, finding a bus to give you a lift is never a problem when
you live at Chelsea Santa Monica.


Bus lines within
0.2 miles


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Bus Lines

Public transportation in Santa Monica is better than in most other parts of the Los Angeles area. Numerous bus lines converge in Downtown Santa Monica. There is frequent east-west service on Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Wilshire Boulevard, and frequent north-south service along Main St. and Lincoln Blvd. Other streets also have bus service, so you're rarely very far from a bus line in Santa Monica.








Pico Blvd

0.1 mi



If you need a ride, you can take advantage of convenient services that
will provide a safe and cost effective way to get to your destination even
if you don't own a car.


Taxi cab


Car rental &
Ride services


Public parking facilities

Car Resources

Santa Monica offers a number of franchised taxi companies, ride services, shuttles and a variety of automobile, limousine and tour companies, with offices all over Santa Monica.

Taxi Operators Rent-a-Car Ride Services
Bell Cab Company Avon Rent a Car Uber
Santa Monica Taxi Cab Enterprise Car Rental Flywheel
Metro Cab Santa Monica Hertz Lyft
Taxi! Taxi! Midway Car Rental Sidecar
Organic Taxi Sixt Rent-A-Car Cabzilla
  Rental Cars Santa Monica  

Parking Facilities

There are so many parking lots and garages in Santa Monica, you can barely go one block without passing one, or two, or three! If the lot closest to your destination is full or too expensive, drive one or two blocks away and you will most likely find a cheaper and empty lot just a short walk away. Real-time parking availability and rates can be found on this interactive map.

Explore how far you can travel by car, bus, bike and foot
from Chelsea Santa Monica Apartments.

A gateway to Santa Monica

The city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, has become highly prestigious and is the home to many Hollywood celebrities and executives and is a mixture of affluent single-family neighborhoods, renters, surfers, professionals, and students. Chelsea is located just minutes from countless dining, shopping, and nightlife options.